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Lightrail from Seatac Airport:

Travel Zootopia style and take the Lightrail to downtown. Exit the train at Westlake Station for easiest access to the Renaissance Hotel. If you are facing away from the waterfront the hotel is 6 blocks away to the right. You can find us located at the corner of 6th and Madison. There are buses that run up and down 5th avenue - use your transfer from the lightrail for a discount. Seattle has excellent Uber and Lyft service if you need a ride.

Taxi Service from Seatac Airport:
Taxi Map

Taxi service is available from Seatac to downtown for $40 flat rate. Taxi pickup is located on the third floor of the parking garage at Seatac Airport.

Rental Car

Rental Cars from Seatac Airport:
To rent a car, board the lightrail headed toward downtown and exit at the first stop. Each room on the hotel block will receive one spot, at the rate of $25 per night, subject to availability. For better parking rates check out

King Street Station

Amtrak has train service available in Seattle. From King Street Station passengers can catch any bus or lightrail from the International District Station, or travel via Uber or Lyft.

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